Infrastructure does not suffer from any incident currently.

Infrastructure Services Status

  • IP connectivity (transit)
  • IP connectivity (peering)
  • BGP session
  • Internal routing
  • DNS system
  • Share hosting
  • Email service (reception)
  • Email service (sending)
  • Cloud System (processor)
  • Cloud System (storage)
  • POP Paris
  • POP New York
  • POP Singapour
  • POP Moscou
  • CDN broadcasting (External)
  • CDN broadcasting (Internal)
  • CDN Feed
  • VDOencode broadcasting
  • VDOencode encoding

On this page you can find the status of our services.
If an incident is declared, you will find all the information on that one.

Incident resolved

Following a network incident, all our teams are mobilized to resolve the problem (which is more extensive than just the Iguana Solutions infrastructure)