Infrastructure does not suffer from any incident currently.

Infrastructure Services Status

  • IP connectivity (transit)
  • IP connectivity (peering)
  • BGP session
  • Internal routing
  • DNS system
  • Share hosting
  • Email service (reception)
  • Email service (sending)
  • Cloud System (processor)
  • Cloud System (storage)
  • POP Paris
  • POP New York
  • POP Singapour
  • POP Moscou
  • CDN broadcasting (External)
  • CDN broadcasting (Internal)
  • CDN Feed
  • VDOencode broadcasting
  • VDOencode encoding

On this page you can find the status of our services.
If an incident is declared, you will find all the information on that one.

No incident in progress

Systems work correctly, no problem has been reported.