Sismology: Metrology tools

Collect and store in-depth metrics of your infrastructure in one place and visualize it through preconfigured dashboards.


Predefined dashboards to always know the status of your platform.


Threshold based or predictive, smart notifications with preferred channels (mail, sms, webhook, slack).


Investigate deeply thanks to log and resource usage collection.


Large set of predefined metrics.

Modern and modular observability solution, the perfect tools for your teams


Sismology at its core uses Prometheus to collect metrics. Thanks to a range of prometheus connectors, Sismology can also aggregates metrics from external source: AWS cloud watch, GCP Stackdriver, ...

Single / Multi Tenant

Sismology support both tenancy modes. Single tenant means entire Sismology stack is on your own, metrics and dashboards are isolated from other infrastructure. Multi-tenant mode groups in the same instance dashboards from several infrastructures.


Each points collected by Prometheus are retained indefinitely thanks to influxDB downsampling. Smallest period is 4 points per minutes per metrics. Metrics granularity is configurable depending on the retention policy.


All data exchanges: metrics from sismology agent to prometheus, queries, dashboard view and alarms are secured with TLS. Obviously, Access control lists applies on each user to controqueries and dashboard.

Not intrusive

Sismology agents, deployed on Iguana monitored machine, have a very low system footprint and run without high user privilege..


More than dashboards, very helpful to analyse infrastructure behavior, Sismology is able to detect any potential issue: disk usage growth too fast, RAM usage is abnormally high, … Predicted alerts are considered like any other alters and an alarms is raised through all configured channels: Mail, Slack, Pager Duty.

SRE swiss knife


Sismograf agents deployed on each server generate a complete set of metrics (resource consumption, services statuses, …). Metrics are probbed to Prometheus to be stored indefinitely thanks to a downsampling policy.


Depending on your access, grafana performs request to prometheus to fill a predefined set of dashboards and system alarms. A custom made program intercepts the query to select the downsampling policy matching the time-range with the best precision. All queries are secured thanks to HTTPS protocol.


Based on your experience we defined a complete set of clear dashboards to help you to monitor your platform in the simplest way. On demand we can work together to define custom dashboards for your specific needs.


To be sure you never miss a wrong state on your platform, Sismology comes with pre-defined alarms. Alarms are send through different channels: dashboard, email, slack, Pager Duty.

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