Ig1 Cloud: IaaS

Access and deploy mutualized or dedicated IaaS ressources through automated deployment tools with real-time monitoring and 24/7 support.


Instances catalog covering all possible usage

Virtual DC

Your new Data center, entirely virtual


Automatically add or remove resource. Use only what you need

Self Controlled

Autonomy on basic commands. Real time monitoring and usage consumption

Just like your application, your platform needs to be flexible and evolve easily

Fast Deployment

Infrastructure is deployed really fast thanks to Infrastructure as Code tools compatible with our cloud

OS Market

Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, Windows.. IG1 cloud comes with a large catalog off OS images. You need a specific OS for your application ? We can work together to add it in the market place

Dedicated hosts

You want to be sure, compute resources are totally yours ? IG1 Cloud support deployment on specific host entirely dedicated to your applications

Real time usage

Follow in real time your usage directly on your BIS account. Dashboards display your resource usage on different time lines and you can determine in real time how much your infrastructure costs


Optionaly, you can let IG1 cloud automatically grows your infrastructure to fit application needs.

Iguana Catalog

Basic, Standard or Compute oriented, IG1 cloud comes with a large catalog to fit your needs. Keep control on your infrastructure resources and cost

Data Center Virtualization


Like any cloud, IG1 cloud uses physical hardware. To provide the best performance, we decided to use the latests DELL generation of servers. These server comes with High performance Intel Xeon CPUs, DDR4 RAM and fast storage.


To ease and to reduce footprint, IG1 cloud virtualization layer is KVM. To orchestrate our different KVM node cluster, we decided to use OpenNebula framework. OpenNebula is light and very flexible. To secure virtual deployment, any infrastructure is deployed in a specific Virtual Data Center.


IG1 Cloud network is based on VXLAN, this means that there are no limits* in terms of Virtual Network. Each platform can use one or several Virtual networks combined with Security Groups configured to fit users policies. *Under VXLAN , we can have up to 16 Millions of subnet per zone


IG1 Cloud offers a large panel of instances to match your needs. From 1 VCPU to 16 vCPU and from 512 MB to 128 GB RAM per instance. You want your own ressource, managed by the cloud ? No problem, depending on your needs, hosts can be entirely dedicated to your infrastructure

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