Business Intelligent Software : BIS

Out of our experience, we have built an amazing business inteligent software and client interface system.


You can follow avey intervention that is made for you with details and duration.

Live Monitoring

You have access to all support request still being processed in a page and all the processed ones in another.

Metrology Interface

You have access to all the charts generated from the probes we install on each equipment we manage for you.

Cotations & Invoices

You have access to all your proposals and invoices we have made for you since the first day you become one of our customers.

One place to see everything!

Task Wall

We have built an information wall that helps you to follow tasks that have been performed for you by our support. It gives you complete live transparency on when and what is happening on your plate-form.

Advanced Followed Ticketing System

We give you the highest possible transparency with a complete interface that show you the processing of your demands step by step for each demand you make. You can see witch tasks are in progress and what remains to be done to complete.

Smart Monitoring

Depending on the level of service we provide (SLA vs support), you have access to different types of monitorings ranging from basic monitoring to smart applicative monitoring.

Hardware Inventory Tool

With our hardware Inventory tool you can manage your hardware like never before. It provides you all necessary information to save time listing your equipments and do your capacity planning.

General Ledger

You have access to your full general ledger from day 1. No need to ask anymore for invoices duplicata, overdue balance, etc.. You have direct and instant access to all our biling information.

Live Access to your Network Consumption

At any time, you can track your bandwidth consumption (inboud and outbound) for every equipment you have and your service. It helps you to profile your needs over time.

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We provides a Q&A service that keeps our engineers “on-the-line” to support your in-house team. Ask our team for more information.

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