Muppet: Puppet Forge Deployment - CD pipeline management

Managed Puppet: dedicated and managed DevOps tools suite with preconfigured CI/CD pipeline. Industrialize and automatize your deployments and configuration management.


All in One stack managed by Iguane Team.


Common libraries are versioned, certified and exposed via a Forge


Unique repository per customer


Tests and updates automatically managed thanks to integrated CI/CD stack

All in One “DevOps” tools suite to ease infrastructure configuration and maintenance


Muppet provide a large set of Puppet class usable as deployment bricks. Thanks to this Forge, writing deployment code is really easy as the developer picks bricks as simple as it picks a meal in a self service restaurant


Iguana forge and any Infrastructure code is managed by Iguana DevOps team. That’s a guarantee of performance and safety on your infrastructure configuration code.


Iguana Puppet Forge proposes all usual frameworks to deploy any kind of application. This forge is continuously enriched to have the latest standard. All classes are versioned and documented to fit with Infrastructure needs


Muppet resides in its simplicity: 1 git repository per infrastructure hosting deployment code, puppet forge and ci/cd pipelines pre-configured. That’s it!


Muppet integrates a CI/CD stack to check, test and deploy infrastructure configuration code. Each time a configuration change occurs, a pipeline is triggered to verify it is not introducing issues on the code.


Muppet has been designed to follow this rule: 1 service => 1 class. Puppet classes are not duplicated for reliability. To support frameworks changes, each class exists in several versions.

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