We have the most demanding critera for every area we enter.
We are rigorous in selecting highly secure, performance and innovative data-centers,
installing state of the art servers and establishing great network performance.

When it comes to Infrastructure

Cloud Brokering & Operations

Simplify cloud hybridation solutions

The easiest way to link your different Cloud Infrastructure across the World

Public Cloud

Explain our strength with Public Cloud provider in terms of Infrastructure advices and management

Hybrid Cloud

VXLan : Cloud (mutualized/private) + Bare Metal VPN : Interco Multi DC / Provider High throughput Dark Fiber : Setup & Maintenance

Private Cloud

Fully or Partially managed private clouds. Compute, storage and network ressource are dedicated to your cloud. Iguana supports your teams from Design to Production. Migration to Hybrid cloud is possible at any time.


Iguana team can assist you at any step of your project. As infrastructure experts we can help you to design the best cloud solution depending on your requirements.


We have built our own monitoring stack Sismology to detect and prevent incident pro-actively H24/7 from low level hardware, to applicative stack


We are flexible and our offer is built around your team and methodology, we propose management start from collaborative/best effort building to high service level agreement on top services


Best experts to deploy and manage your storage solutions

For every storage need you might have, we provide some of the best technology available to meet your requirements.

Object Storage

Based on OpenIO SDS Technology, our managed Object Storage service let you store any amount of data with the level of performance and security desired.


Access and manage your Data with Native S3 and Swift API Gateway. No change in code needed.


Distribute and access your data globally thanks to our worldwide presence and geo-replication.

Mutualized or Dedicated

Mutualized for cost-efficiency or dedicated to take advantage of true confidentiality and maximum performance.


Scale-out as much as you want without ever compromising availability or data protection.

File Storage

Our managed File Storage Service leverages MOOSEFS technology to provide a simple, scale-out, high-performance POSIX file system storage.

Standard Protocol

Access your data natively through VFS, NFS v3, v4 and SMB v3

True File system

Full ACL and POSIX support (including locking)


Choose between full SSD, HDD or hybrid storage to achieve the performance and cost efficiency needed


Ensured data protection through erasure coding and CRC32.

Block Storage

Lightning-fast persistent block-storage volume for all of your cloud instances.


Consistent low latency and high I/O for all your workloads.


Point-in-time snapshots and easy volume restore.


Choose between multiple storage classes to get the performance needed for your specific workload.

Cost efficient

Reach peak performance and thousands of IOPS at the best price on the market.


Highests Security standards to protect your infrastructure

Regular external security audit and best practice process to secure Infrastructure


IG1 Wfilter is a layer 7 HTTP(s) proxy able to handle tremendous load. Placed in front of your load-balancers or web servers it can offer protection and performance enhancements.


Flood, Malformed requests and Slowloris protections


SSL offloading, keepalive, load balancing, subnet filtering (whitelist/blacklist)


Customized error/maintenance pages to reflect your web site design, no more browser connection timeout errors


Multi 10Gbps core network connected, DNS modification free activation

Anti-Spoofing on IG1 Cloud

IG1 Cloud implements a specific layer of protection to ensure Cloud Instances are well protected from other users and external attacks.

L2 Anti-Spoofing

Ensure MAC address is part of the network

L3 Anti-Spoofing

Ensure IP address is part of the network


Automatically set on each physical nodes hosting Cloud Instances


Security groups to manage Ingress and Egress rules for each Virtual Networks

Web Security Audit

Our Dev-Sec-Ops can help you to manage your global security with an audit (pen test, cartography) or help you to reach specific security certification (compliance, methodology)


Works everywhere. The secret to our continuous visibility

Deep analysis

Real-time network analysis of your data


Fast and efficient external scanning, on premises or in the cloud


On-premises hardware scanners for internal networks


Services on top on full autonomy

Full autonomy to manage your hardware in secure places

Last Generation Hardware

As Premium DELL partner, we propose last generation of DELL hardware using Intel Xeon Scalable processors, High performance RAM and Storage.

High Performance Network

Network stack is fully based on fiber connectors. This ensure high performance (at least 10Gbs) and very small latency.

API managed

All of our Bare Metal infrastructure is managed through Redfish API which allows us to programmatically configure the DRAC, RAID card and BIOS out of band

BIS Integration

Thanks to our amazing BIS, you can easily check the status of your hardware, connect to its management interface. In one click you can also interact with our support team for any questions.


Low level monitoring of your racks. Recovery of the logs of the devices in order to anticipate various failures.

Firmware Auto Update

Automatic management of manufacturer updates. Your servers are always protected against failures related to firmware bug fixes

Network: Management

Highest level of service to manage your network

Ask to the best experts to deploy and maintain your network

Dedicated routing :

We provide for each customer’s infrastructure a full routing stack isolated by design. 2x dedicated routers connecting to our core network, several L2 domains for your servers to communicate and public IP subnets.

Spine-leaf switching:

Every servers are connected using minimum 2x 10Gbps port on 2 switches providing redundancy, being part of our spine-leaf VTEP enabled high capacity datacenter network. You are not physically limited by the switches location your are connected to anymore.

Hybrid stack :

Thanks to our spine-leaf switching infrastructure using VxLAN, we can extend your L2 physical server networks across the datacenter to our Cloud infrastructure and provide VMs as well as storage on demand.


Smart Data-Center space management

Pay for the Data-Center resource you use

Flexible housing :

- Our dedicated rooms are housed in state of art facilities, selected to ensure quality power, cooling, efficient onsite remote hands, fire compliance, multiple optical outlets and ISO certifications availability.
- We provide secured dedicated rows, cabinets or colocation rack units, with services.
- Every critical system is at least N+1 redundant (power feeds, generators, batteries, cooling)

Designed resiliency :

- Dedicated & out of band management networks for network devices, PDU and servers RAC with secured access thru customer dedicated VPN
- 24/7 onsite customer access to dedicated cabs
- Two teams on two continents to answer emergencies and solving problems faster

Managed hardware :

- Our technicians are trained to manage all our hardware from storage to network, and are even certified to service Dell devices to reduce the latency induced in support cases.
- In house metropolitan networks to securely connect your remote offices to the datacenter.