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DevOps as A Service


Whether you’re simply migrating your environments from a cloud provider to another or operating a full scale transformation, our Solution Architects will make sure to design the solution that fits your technical challenges and that suits your organization.

Every project starts by a study and design phase in collaboration with you team


Review your needs and expectation


Collect and review of you business and technical metrics


Planning your future needs based on your roadmap


Design and review of your platform


Designing your new platform is only the first step. To build it in the most maintainable and secured way is another challenge. Our dedicated team of engineers will setup your new environments in accordance by implementing the best automation practices and will assist you during the whole on-boarding phase, from the migration of your app to its live release.

Every platform is built in the most automated and industrialized way possible.

Infrastructure As Code

Manage and provision your infrastructure in a programmatic way. Keep track of any change through versioning.

Container Optimization & Security

Store and distribute your docker images through a local and dedicated container registry.


Large panel of tools to help you deploy and manage your application more efficiently.

Configuration Management Systems

Managed configuration management system to deploy and provision your software configuration files faster and safer than ever.


Reducing your time-to-market is often a necessity in today’s competitive landscape. But adding a new feature to your product often requires your platform to evolve with it. With our combination of DevOps practices and 24x7 monitoring and support, your platform becomes as agile as your application. We let you move faster and safer while ensuring your platform stability and availability.

Our engineers ensure the optimal performance of your platform


Infrastructure only : management and monitoring of the network and hardware / virtualization only

Managed services

Managed services : industrialized and automatization of the deployment and run of services


Cooperation : shared root access, shared code base and knowledge base

Rest of time

The DevOps engineer split his time between managing the platform and continuously improving the tooling in order to increase the platform availability, deployments, security, monitoring and alerting.


Thanks to the combination of deep infrastructure and performance monitoring and our return of experience based on our large pool of clients, we are able to proactively advise you on improvements adapted to your needs. Whether you’re aiming for faster deployments, better efficiency or better resilience, there is always an area where we can help you increase your performance.

Just like your application, your platform needs to be continuously improved

Managed Services Usage

Continuous Deployment


Metrics aggregation, Tracing

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