What We Do?

Our singularity comes from the combination of 3 activities (DevOps as a Service, infrastructure software publisher and Infrastructure Provider) that provides our customers with a competitive advantage.

Why Choose Us?

Cloud Agnostic

We can work on any of the top public cloud providers and main private cloud solutions (such as VMWare and OpenNebula). When it comes to cloud, we have no religion other than the choice of our client!
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Your dedicated team

We provide a team of SDM (Service Delivery Manager), TL (Technical Lead) & SRE (Service Reliability Engineer) that relieves you of the operational part related to the run of your platforms end helps you focus on what matter the most for you : your core business !
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Our expert teams selects and fine tune the best provider(s) to run your application under optimal conditions. To stay on top, we regularly perform benchmarks on the different services to support our clients in their design.
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Total Cost of Ownership

Our unique combination of DevOps services, Software and Infrastructure gives you a valuable advantage regarding management and optimization of your infrastructures: We significantly reduce your Total Cost of Ownership!
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They Trust Us

We could tell you about your interest in having a partner like Iguana Solutions, but our customers might probably do it better ..


Collaboration between Deezer and Iguana dates back to the birth of music streaming service in 2007. Since then, we have been providing the highest pos...

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Our first meeting with Molotov goes back to the genesis of the project as we built the POC with the founders of the service. Since then we have never ...

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Intuitive and scalable, Zeendoc is designed and developed to meet the research and information-sharing needs of businesses and communities. For more t...

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We believe in future,
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